2001 Corvette C5

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2001 Corvette C5

By Scott Carpenter, Corvette Brand Manager

I’ve been a car guy since I was 11 and have owned several muscle cars…never a Corvette though. So, it made sense to buy a Vette so I could better understand our customers, the community, and hobby/lifestyle. After hours of research, I decided on a 2001 C5. The C5 has the fantastic LS engine which means tons of power, great reliability, and a solid platform to build on. C5s have a reputation for being superior to earlier generations in every respect while being a great value.

The car I found had several updates which made the purchase more appealing (Z06 brakes, Flowmaster cat-back, aftermarket stereo/speakers, and Cray Scorpion wheels with Nitto 555s). Since then, I’ve added several useful and fun updates, which include two tone Dive Suit seat covers, seat rocking repair kit (a MUST), throttle body coolant bypass, power coupler, high flow fog light housings, and several red interior enhancements. The dive suit seat covers made a huge difference, because they never get hot and they hold you in place during hard cornering.

Driving is fun, exciting, and power is there whenever I need it. But…you can NEVER have too much power or performance and I didn’t buy a Corvette to go slow. So, future upgrade plans include an aFe high flow air intake, front license plate intake screen, the B&B Bullet exhaust, a Granatelli mass airflow sensor, Granatelli 0 ohm plug wires, an SCT power flash programmer, American Racing headers, DEI tunnel shields, Hyperco Stage I front & rear leaf springs, high performance sway bars and end links, projector headlight lens & HID conversion, hood vents, C7 Z06 style rear spoiler, Hawk HPS 5.0 brake pads, custom carbon fiber graphics, and….a high performance cam and springs! This will put me over 425 flywheel horsepower (up from the factory 350) with true musclecar sound and power, modern handling, steering and stopping power, unique styling, and reliability.


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