C7 Corvette Custom LED Lighting

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C7 Corvette Custom LED Lighting

Today we show off an awesome custom LED lighting option for your C7 Corvette!

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Corvette C7:

•Customize Ambient Lighting For Just The Right Look
•LED’s Are Brighter, More Energy Efficient & Last Up To 25 Times Longer Than Regular Bulbs
•For Grille, Hood Extractor, Fender Coves, Interior Footwell, Under Door, Exhaust, , Rear Fascia, Rear Hatch & Trunk, & License Plate
•Includes Waterproof Flexible LED Strips (Where Noted), Complete Wiring Harness, Mounting Hardware, Commercially Backed Adhesive, Instructions, & 4 Function Wireless Remote Control (Included With Grille Kits Only)
•1-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
•Made In The USA

Upgrade your Corvette C7 Stingray to instant celebrity status with colorful LED’s. After installation, they will draw a crowd at nighttime car shows, cruise in’s, or wherever the road takes you. Your grille, hood extractor, fender coves, under door, interior footwell, exhaust area, rear fascia, hatch & trunk area, and license plate areas can all be upgraded for custom ambient night time lighting. LED’s are brighter, more efficient, and last up to 25 times longer than regular bulbs. Choose from BRIGHT in 7 vibrant colors or SUPERBRIGHT LED’s in 9 vibrant colors (see color choices below).

What’s Included:

Each kit include a complete wiring harness with flexible LED strips (except for license plate and rear compartment LEDs which are bulbs only), mounting hardware, commercially backed adhesive, & instructions. Our footwell kit is plug and play, our cove kits hook directly to your battery, and our under door, rear fascia, exhaust, grille, rear hatch & trunk kits require tapping into your factory harness using the included click connectors (no soldering required). Grille kits include a 4 function wireless remote controller (fender coves and rear fascia’s include extra leads to wire into the grille kits so they can be controlled wirelessly). 4-Function Remote Features: Automatically cycle from dim to bright and back to dim at the touch of a button. You can also select the strobe function and adjust how many times you want it to strobe, between 2-7 times. This unit also allows you to select (8) levels of brightness with the click of a button. The wireless remote kit comes complete with only 2 easy connections to make under the hood. NOTE: Under door lights require door panel removal so we recommend the assistance of a specialist for that. Please check local lighting laws before ordering colors other than amber or red for exterior lighting. Extra Leads Included With Fender Cove & Rear Fascia For Wireless Remote Connectivity (Requires Grille Kit To Operate Wirelessly)


BRIGHT LED’s: 20-30% Brighter Than Factory OEM Bulbs (when comparing factory white against BRIGHT LED white)

SUPERBRIGHT LED – 40-50% Brighter Than BRIGHT LED’s


  1. Eckler's Corvette says:

    Today we show off an awesome custom LED lighting option for your C7

  2. Wow, that is some awesome lighting for the corvette! If any car should get custom lighting like this, it should be a nice, fancy car like that. In fact, if I ever got a corvette, I would make sure that I customized it like this to make it even more special.

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