2001 Corvette C5

By Scott Carpenter, Corvette Brand Manager I’ve been a car guy since I was 11 and have owned several muscle cars…never a Corvette though. So, it made sense to buy a Vette so I could better understand our customers, the community, and hobby/lifestyle. After hours of research, I decided on a 2001 C5. The C5 […]

1966 Sting Ray 427

Owned by Joseph Long, Viera, FL 1966 Sting Ray 427 The 1966 Sting Ray’s styling was very similar to the ’65’s, but there were some subtle changes. The Corvette “script” emblem was an elongated, more vertical style and was affixed to the hood and rear deck. The grille was now a plated, square mesh, cast […]

Rockin’ Down the Highway

Ever think about how big a part music plays as it relates to our classic car hobby? I’ve had my ear buds in for the past half hour and what comes on the iPod? The Doobie Brothers’ “Rockin’ Down The Highway”. A driving song if there ever was one! This particular tune has almost landed […]

The Cars of Cuba

The Cars of Cuba Story and Photography by Ranny Robertson #13039957, Glen Allen, VA I had the opportunity to see the cars of Cuba in February of last year on a “people to people” or “humanitarian” visa. We flew directly from Miami into Havana– it was a real step back in time. I found the […]

1965 Sting Ray: The First Big-Block Corvette

1965 Sting Ray: The First Big-Block Corvette The 1965 Sting Ray marked the third year of “C2” production. All models were manufactured at GM’s St. Louis Assembly. 1965 was the first year a big-block engine would find its way between the fenderwells of a Corvette, in the form of a Mark IV 396 generating 425 […]

The Chevrolets of the GM Motorama

The Chevrolets of the GM Motorama 1953-1956 Text by David W. Temple Photos as credited The GM Motorama was an elaborate auto show held eight times between 1949 and 1961. Those held consecutively from 1953 to 1956 are the ones best remembered because those shows featured dream cars typically built of fiberglass– such as the […]

Are There Any Scale Modelers Out There?

Are There Any Scale Modelers Out There? Do we have any scale modelers out there? With the thousands of car fans we have reading our blogs, we must have some scale modelers who’d love to see their handi-work on our pages here. I know it’s been a long, weird winter, weather-wise. And I know some […]

Pure Stock Drags 2015

Pure Stock Drags 2015 You’re invited to the best muscle car party going Story and photography by Tom Shaw Where do you go if you want to see muscle cars of all years, models, and engine sizes get it on in heads-up dragstrip action? The Pure Stock Drags, of course. The event is open to […]

1968 Corvette L88

Owned by Roger’s Corvette Center, Maitland, FL 1968 Corvette L88 Although the wheelbase and most of the chassis carried over from 1967, the 1968 Corvette was an all-new design, and marked the start of “C3” production. Both the exterior and interior of the new car were completely restyled. The coupes now featured removable T-tops as […]

Secret Crushes

How about you? Do you have any secret crushes? I suppose if you told, they wouldn’t be so secret anymore, would they? Don’t sweat it – this little editorial isn’t intended to get you into any kind of hot water. Well maybe, depends on how willing you are to bare your feelings. What the heck […]