Corvette Museum Wants Your Corvette

The National Corvette Museum Wants Your Corvette for Display. by Sean Szymkowski ( It’s always a pleasure to show off your pride and joy at a local car meet, or classic car showing. But if there’s anything better than having the general public admire your ride, it’s having the public admire it in a time-period correct […]

2015 Ridler Award Winner

From Yahoo/Autos… America’s Hottest Hot Rod! ’65 Impala based on a 2008 Corvette! Detroit Autorama 2015 Chip Foose-designed 1965 “Imposter” Chevy Impala that won this year’s Ridler award, owned by Don Voth during the 63rd annual Autorama in Detroit. The Impala is actually a 2008 Corvette, bought new by the Voths, with body panels massaged […]

Corvette Stolen 42 Years Ago Found…

…but the owner may lose it again. By Mark Stevenson,   Motoramic “We’ve found your car” are the four most desired words you can hope to hear when your car has been unlawfully taken from your possession. In the case of Terry Dietrich, those words were uttered to her earlier this month some 42 years […]

Mid-Engined Corvette Happening?

By Don Sherman, Car & Driver Magazine •  Photography by Chris Doane Automotive •  Illustration by Nick Kaloterakis Behold, mid-engine Corvette fans: The car you’ve waited patiently for Chevrolet to build has finally evolved beyond titillating concepts to the engineering mule revealed here. An 82-second strike by our recon op resulted in 15 frames before […]

Eckler’s New Distribution Center Completed

Eckler’s State-of-the-Art Warehouse/Distribution Center Completed Eckler’s celebrates its $9.5M facility expansion with a grand opening ceremony. City leaders, company executives and many others attended the opening of the automotive leader’s distribution center and warehouse. Titusville, FL December 17, 2014 Eckler Industries, Inc., the nation’s largest provider of restoration parts and accessories for classic and enthusiast […]

The Ultimate Garage Queen ’67 Corvette

By Sam McEachern, The Ultimate Garage Queen ’67 Corvette to be sold at the Mecum Auction in Austin, TX Some Corvettes leave the factory and are immediately put to work on either the racetrack or the drag strip, while others are destined to sit in a garage under a sheet in some car collector’s […]

New Z06: Faster than Hellcat, Ferrari, McLaren

New Stingray Z06 performance specs will blow your mind! Story by Jim Lingeman The 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06 will come out of the box with a sub-3-second 0-60 time and sub-11-second quarter-mile time. That puts the approximately $80,000 Z06 on par with the outgoing $180,000 Lamborghini Gallardo, the $1.5 million Ferrari 599XX, the $1.2 million […]

Peter Max Collection

Crazy Story – 36 Neglected And Abandoned Corvettes Saved From NYC Parking Garages – The Legendary Peter Max Collection Is Being Restored By Brian Lohnes Back in 1989, I was nine years old and happened to see a television commercial on the VH-1 music video channel for a crazy contest they were running. The gist […]

Sinkhole Repair Starts Next Month

Sinkhole Repair Starts Next Month BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Oct 16, 2014, 7:34 PM ET         Photo by Colin Date   The National Corvette Museum says work will start in about three weeks to fill a massive sinkhole that opened up in February and allowed eight prized sports cars to topple inside. […]

2015 Corvette ZO6 Power Output Confirmed

by Alexander Stokiosa   Photography by A.J. Mueller and Chevrolet When the enemy is at the gates, you arm yourself and brace for an attack. When you are the enemy, you let loose a fusillade. With high-priced exotics and domestic sports cars alike in its crosshairs, we already knew the 2015 Corvette Z06 was out […]