Why Don’t They Make That Part?

Why don’t they make it for my car? Story and photography supplied by Colin Date One of the most common questions in classic Chevy car circles is: “Why don’t they make this part for my car?” As a supplier and manufacturer to the aftermarket for many years, we will attempt to answer this question and […]

Tire Cleaning: 101


Oil Pump and Pan Installation

Oil Pump and Pan Installation Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, long screwdriver or pry bar, gasket scraper Cost: approximately $50 for pump, $50-$250 for pan Tinware: pan and pump, oil pan gasket, gasket sealer Tip: When working with an engine on a stand, make sure it’s on a flat level surface and the rotation […]

Steering Wheel Restoration

How to Restore Your Steering Wheel Text and Photography by Jeff Ford Time: 3-4 hours (approximately) Cost: Approximately $45 for Eastwood’s Steering Wheel Restoration Kit (available at Eckler’s) Tinware: Dremel tool kit, or similar brand. Steering wheel puller, selection of putty knives, various sandpaper grits ranging from 80 through 600-800 grit Tip: Thoroughly degrease the […]

Carburetor: Dual-Feed Conversion

Time: 1 hour (approximately) Tools: socket set, flat-blade screwdriver, small putty knife or scraper, adjustable wrenches (optional). Cost: (varied) approximately $100-$300 Tinware: center-hung float fuel bowls (if needed), metering block and hardware (sold as kit), metering jets, replacement gaskets, dual-inlet fuel line. Tip: transfer the carburetor from the engine to a clean, open workbench. If […]

Wet Sanding

Bodywork: Wet Sanding Time: depends on size of area and repetition Tools: soft-block sanding pad Cost: approximately $40-50 for supplies Tinware: 1000-4000-grit fine sandpaper, garden hose or bucket, clean rags, rubbing compound, high quality carnuba wax Tip: Choose an open, outdoor area that will allow you to run water continuously for extended periods of time. […]

A/C: Converting To 134A

GM Upgrades: Keep it Cool! Converting to 134a Courtesy of Classic Auto Air   Classicautoair.com Until 1995, most cars with air conditioning used R-12 Freon refrigerant that is said to have a negative side effect of damaging the ozone layer and is no longer produced in most countries. Now, the industry standard is R-134a, which is […]

Drum Brake Rebuild

Drum Brake Rebuild Time: 3 hours approximately (per pair) Tools: lug-wrench, flat-blade screwdriver, rubber mallet, needle-nose pliers, various specialty brake tools (recommended) Cost: rebuild kits approximately $250 for 4 wheel drum brakes Tinware: brake shoes, drum brake hardware kit, other items may be necessary depending on the condition of your existing parts Tip: When rebuilding […]

Installing New Weatherstripping

Time: approximately 30 minutes (for one part: eg. door, trunk, etc.) Some examples may not pertain to Corvette, this is a general article on weatherstripping. Tools: putty knife, utility knife Cost: price varies depending on seals or number of seals Tinware: new weatherstripping, weatherstripping adhesive, weatherstrip remover (aerosol can). Tip: If you happen to break […]

Understanding And Installing Torque Converters

Understanding And Installing Torque Converters Time: 1-2 hours Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, torque wrench Applicable years: all Cost: $200-300 (average for non-specialized units). Prices on ultra-high performance torque converters can run into the thousands of dollars, depending on application. Tinware: torque converter, transmission fluid Tip: Consult with torque converter manufacturers before selecting a […]