Corvette Toys!

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Corvette Toys!

Of course, Corvettes (of all generations) are wildly popular. It only stands to reason that there are about a gazillion “accessories” for them. I’m not talking about wing kits and carbon fiber scoops, either. I’m talking about the toy industry. Everything from kiddie pedal cars, Power Wheels, model kits, RC cars, ad infinitum…

63 plastic model kit
Here’s a great plastic model kit from AMT of a ’63. I don’t know how many of you out there were “into” models, but I sure was!

Diecast Stingray
If you don’t feel up to building a model kit, This 1/18th scale C7 can be had for around $30. Fully assembled, ready to display.

RC C6 Corvette
Into Radio Controlled stuff? How about this sharp C6 from RASTAR. For around $50, you can get this 1/12th scale beauty, licensed by Chevrolet. It features forward, reverse, stop and left/right turns, working head and taillights, independent suspension, and a fully detailed interior.

Check out this video of a really cool 1956 Corvette pedal car (below), then watch the next video of the latest “pedal” car. Seems like all the actual “pedal” cars faded away after the 1960s…

Today’s Power Wheels C7 is about as sophisticated as a “pedal” car can get (although it’s powered by a 12 volt battery and can go 6 mph). It can be had for about $250.

C4 Barbie pedal cars
Here’s a pair of 1980’s Barbie cars, headed for restoration!

Feel free to comment. We’d love to hear about your Corvette Toys!

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  1. Edward Harris says:

    I woul like to buy the C7 1/18 scale Model, before I can order the car could you please let me know how much it would cost to send to Germany where iam currently living.
    Thanks, Edward Haris.

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