Corvettes at Carlisle

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Corvettes at Carlisle

We visit the largest collection of Corvettes in the world

wide-angle-show-picIn case you’ve been out of touch with the Corvette world for the past few decades and weren’t aware of this show (highly unlikely!), each August the Corvette faithful swarm the Carlisle, PA fairgrounds. This event is by far the largest Corvette gathering in the world, boasting more than 5000 examples of America’s Sports Car each and every year.

early-carsNot only is there the massive 82 acre field of cars to peruse, there’s also owner participation in autocross, dyno testing, burnout contests and a full-on parade through historic downtown Carlisle. And let’s not forget the Corvette giveaway, a huge swap meet, an all-Corvette car corral, a Manufacturer’s Midway and Installation Alley.

It took us pretty much the entire day to walk the event, enduring temps in the upper 80s and knock-your-socks-off humidity. A hat, sunscreen and plenty of water helped– that, and the fact that we were in Corvette Utopia!

Believe it or not, we still run into plenty of people who have never been to this event. Make plans for this summer – August 25-28. It’s completely family friendly and there are plenty of things to do in this part of Pennsylvania. Hope to see you there!

Click here for Carlisle event info.

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  1. Perry Monnis says:

    Why are there limited vendor products available? One would think this being the largest Corvette show vendors would be selling their products if they were available.

    • louis behrendt says:

      Believe it or not but there is no room to put new vendors. This place in packed with flea market vendors selling enough parts to build a complete car. If it was made for a corvette you can find it at Carlisle. There is usually an auction also. See you at Carlisle.

  2. if the gorgeous 61 is the one next to the 57 it is a 62 note no side cove chrome how do I know because I have a hondouras maroon 62 with black wall tires Johnny Stephens warr acres oklahoma

  3. Headed to this year’s Carlisle. First time to visit. Long trip but can’t wait!
    Karen Bedell
    From the Baton Rouge, LA Corvette Club.

  4. Matt Taylor says:

    That show is half of what it used to be. There is more vendor space available than ever. It is always fun to see what shows up

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