Decal Removal Tip

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Decal Removal Tip

A hair dryer works best to loosen the adhesive used to keep sticker/decals in place. Go slow and be aware that too much heat could damage paint. Here, as we use it on glass, that is not a problem.

Heat an edge of the sticker/decal and try to peel it away. As it loosens, pull more of the sticker away from the surface until it’s free.

Here, removing the sticker from glass, we’ve used a razor blade to gently scrap away excess adhesive. DO NOT try this when the sticker is applied to a painted surface! When the surface is painted, use an adhesive remover, such as Goof Off. Do not use a harsh adhesive remover on delicate surfaces (surfaces that are unprotected, no clear coat, etc).


After the excess adhesive has been removed: For cleanup on glass, use a good quality glass cleaner. Here we’re using Rain-X. It’s an automotive glass cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia, which can be harmful to your car’s glass. For cleanup on painted surfaces, use a good quality liquid car wash, such as Meguair’s Deep Crystal Car Wash.

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  1. Kevin Deitel says:

    i bought a 1982 collector corvette
    The hood decal is sun damaged but the paint underneath is in good shape
    Can it be removed without damaging the paint or do I nee to have it sanded off and repainted?

    • Colin Date says:

      I would suggest taking to car to a high-end paint and body shop to get their opinion. The decal should be able to be removed, then replaced with a new one.

  2. plastic razor blades are good for painted areas,sold at most body shop supliers

  3. JD southwell says:

    also buy a pair of forceps long ones to help pull as you heat the decal

  4. Dan Skopp says:

    Great Tip! And it works!!!!

  5. what about decal removal from a fabric surface like the visors or the head liner?

  6. I have just got my frist vette, 2007, where can I get it detailed in the fort worth Arlington area

  7. Ken nickel says:

    I have a champagne color 86 corvette which has black tint on the windows for 15 years . The back widow is now curling I can remove that easy but there is the film on the widow

    How can I remove that carefully with my rear defogger on that window.
    Thank for any info

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