Introducing the Fourth Generation Corvette!

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Introducing the Fourth Generation Corvette!

1984 Corvette adThe all-new Corvette arrives for 1984! After a “missing” ’83 model year (Chevrolet was simply not ready in time for full scale production in 1983. Technical advances in this new gen Corvette were vast and Chevy needed the extra time for testing, etc. More stringent California emissions standards were introduced then as well, adding further challenges), the 1994 model was a welcome change. This ad showed the world it was well worth waiting for!

1989 Corvette adAll Corvettes are red, right? Of course, in a print ad, they ought to be! Chevy’s “The Heartbeat of America” slogan was in its heyday in 1989 (began in 1986, ran through 1993) and in this ad, they were playing it to the hilt. The 1989 model marked the 5th straight year that Corvette made Car and Driver magazine’s Ten Best list. A new 6-speed transmission earned rave reviews.

1991 Corvette adAn ad with a BLUE Corvette! This 2 page spread ad for the ’91 Corvette played hard on people’s emotions: “Some things in life are memorable. Others are unforgettable”. The ad copy goes on to say the the ’91 is “…the best ‘’Vette yet”. Motivation is still the 5.7L small-block rated at 245 hp. Other selling points include the “New bodywork details including rounded ZR-1 type tail”.

1993 Corvette adThis print ad for the ’93 Corvette celebrated the car’s 40th anniversary. The limited edition 40th Anniversary Package (RPO Z25) included a Ruby Red exterior and interior and special trim. It was available on Coupe, Convertible, and ZR-1. Total production of the Anniversary Package was 6,492 units. This ad went full-on dramatic with the “Nobody has caught it yet” heading. Chevrolet’s ad copy put this car (no doubt referring to the ZR-1) in the same category as “Sting Rays, Makos, and Split Rear Window” Corvettes of old. The base Corvette 5.7L pumped out 300 hp, and the ZR-1’s high-zoot 5.7L generated 405 ponies.

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  1. A style and performance icon, corvette still reigns. I adore my C4, it handles with precision, and still turns heads. For all it’s innovation, it remains remarkably affordable.

  2. Love my 92 C-4. Dark rose metallic, and still turning heads. Cleans up great and I’m doing my best to keep it in great shape! A dream to drive! Cruising on the interstate at 65-70 and you stomp that pedal it will push you back in the seat and get you to the century mark in the blink of an eye. Just a great looking car!

  3. I’ve owned a ’96 coupe and now own a ’94 drop top. I believe the C4s are highly underrated. They brought the Corvette back from the doldrums that ended the C3 period. I’m very happy with my C4. Corvettes forever!!

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