National Corvette Museum Skydome Update

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National Corvette Museum Skydome Update

By Sean Szymkowski

Corvette aficionados won’t have much longer to wait: the National Corvette Museum’s Skydome will be reopening in a few short weeks. It’s been a long, daunting process, however.

We’ve kept you in the loop on the progress throughout construction, but we’re glad to see the project completed after a gigantic sinkhole opened up, swallowing a handful of special Corvettes.

Corvettes Around The Corner have gotten their hands on a few new photos of the building in its completion, and we can see it’s looking even better than before. And the Corvettes residing in the newly completed Skydome can rest easy knowing the new concrete floor is supported by miles of reinforced structure, ensuring Mother Nature’s appetite for American sports cars is curbed.

The NCM plans to officially reopen the Skydome during its 21st anniversary festivities on September 3, 2015, and has already released information for anyone who would like to partake in the celebration. You can find that information here, along with additional photos of the Skydome at the link here.


  1. Sam Barns says:

    Hey guys, I’m from New Zealand, and would like some comments from you people in the USA. I have recently landed a 2005 C6 which I had to spend some time on it for it to be compliant for our on road conditions. Electrical issues (headlights etc) were some to mention. If anyone would any technical assistance or details with repairing this factory fault with headlights failing, let me know.

    My current project is selecting a set of headers for this machine. As there are many options in the USA, can anyone advise me their experiences please? Matters such as ease of installation, any mods that are necessary, how noisy it maybe in the cab, any differences in performance, what makes are recommended etc, would be greatly appreciated.

    All the best!

    Sam Barns

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