Portable Battery Charger

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Portable Battery Charger

Portable Battery Charger

Here’s a great little tip…

While at the last SEMA Show, we noticed many vendors now offering portable batteries capable of starting a car. These items are slightly bigger than a paperback book and most not only jump a car battery but also re-charge a variety of portable electronics like phones or laptops through a USB port. These units are powerful enough to jump start a V8 car engine (400 amps) and will generally hold a charge for up to six months.

Just think how these units could come in handy with not only your classics but daily drivers. No longer would you need to have long jumper cables, find someone willing to move their car over to your spot or wait for a tow truck. If somebody asks you for help, just bring the battery pack to their car and fire it up!

Eckler’s carries a great unit, part 25-375115-1

The jumper cables will prevent reverse-polarity and overcharging. It has a built-in LED light to illuminate the scene too.

These units will take up less space than a set of jumper cables and are more versatile.




  1. Thanks for your article about a portable battery charger. That’s cool that it will not only jump a car, but can also be used to recharge portable electronics. I like how you mention that it takes up less space that jumper cables and is more versatile. I just have a couple questions about it: 1. How durable is the unit? 2. If it needs repairs, are they simple to make or find someone to make the repairs?

    • Colin Date says:

      According to the manufacturer, the unit is supposed to be very durable. It is warranted for one year. The case appears to be a sealed unit, so I’m not sure how accessible it would be as far as trying to open it up. An electronics supply/repair shop would be your best bet. I’ve had mine personally for about 6 months now, no problems. It really is a great little unit in an emergency.

  2. Link in this article (88-3782-1) takes you to a DISCONTINUED product. Please update. Thanks.

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