Top Twenty-Five Greatest Chevrolets

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Top Twenty-Five Greatest Chevrolets

By Chuck Barrett

Top Twenty-Five Greatest Chevrolets

How great is the Chevrolet brand and how much influence has Chevrolet had on the United States and the rest of the world? If someone asked you to name the top twenty-five most significant vehicle models for any automobile manufacturer other than Chevrolet, you would be hard pressed to name them. If someone asked you to name the twenty-five most significant Chevrolet models, you can’t stop at twenty five. Here is my own personal list of what I believe they are. Feel free to chime in at the bottom of this blog with your thoughts!

1912-Chevrolet 1912
1. 1912 Chevrolet Model C, built by Louis Chevrolet in 1911.

2. 1914 Chevrolet, the first to wear the world famous Bowtie!

3. 1927 Chevrolet AA Capitol is the first Chevrolet to outsell Ford.

4. 1932 Chevrolet Confederate Series BA Deluxe, dubbed the “Baby Cadillac”

5. 1936 Chevrolet Suburban. The longest running American nameplate was first introduced in 1933 as a military vehicle.

6. Not one particular vehicle, but the culmination of war equipment manufactured by Chevrolet between 1942 and 1945.

7. The 1947 Chevrolet Pick-up. Millions were sold through 1955. The new standard of light duty trucks for America.

8. 1953 Corvette. The first of the breed adored by millions today.

9. 1955 Chevrolet. The car that really catapulted Chevrolet into the stratosphere. This entirely new vehicle was ground breaking, offering (finally) V8 power!

10. The 1957 Chevy is widely considered to be the most iconic vehicle of all time!

11. 1958 Impala. The “first” Impala – and the start of something very special indeed.

12. 1960 Corvair. Perhaps the most innovative vehicle ever developed by GM.

13. 1961 Impala Super Sport. The first “SS”, and, near the tail end of model year production, the legendary 409 cubic-inch V8 was introduced.

14. 1963 Corvette Sting Ray. The “first” Sting Ray, all-new styling that ignited a generation of enthusiasts. 1963 was the only year for the “split” rear window, making it highly desirable today.

15. The 1965 Impala/full-size was the first Chevrolet to sell over one million vehicles in a given model year.

16. In 1965, the Mark IV  V8 – 396 cubic-inches – finally put a big-block in the Corvette.

17. The Camaro made its debut for the 1967 model year – ready to do battle with Ford’s Mustang.

18. 1968 Corvette. The “C3” Corvette kicked off this year with all-new styling and a host of mechanical and safety improvements. The C3 would soldier on until 1982.

19. 1970 Chevelle SS 454, LS6. The undisputed “King of the Muscle Cars”.

20. 1973 Chevrolet C/K Series Pick-up trucks. A new era of style, strength and overall capability in the American-made pick-up.

21. The 1982 S-10 Pick-up (and Blazer) kicked off a new breed of small pick-up truck for America, beating Ford to the punch. Ford’s Ranger debuted as a 1983 model.

22. 1990 Corvette ZR1. The LT5 aluminum block sported 4 overhead camshafts and 32 valves (developed jointly by GM and Lotus) made this the “King of the Hill” Corvette.

23. The 1994 Impala SS returns after a 25 year absence.

24. The first “C5” – the 1997 Corvette was a massive leap in styling and technology over the outgoing C4 model.

25. Long thought gone, the Camaro makes a reappearance after an 8 model year absence.

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  1. Chevy’s the best of all road worthy and classic cars.

  2. Pete Colelli says:

    When speaking of Chevrolet, it is not long before the word “Corvette” becomes a part of the conversation. It is the quintessential “American Sports Car” that never lost its’ pedigree. It is a time capsule of performance, engineering and design that continues to endure. It is “world class” and can hold its’ own against the finest sports cars money can buy. Without questions, it provides the best value for the dollar of any other sports car. I am proud to own a 50th Anniversary Special Edition Corvette coupe.

  3. Michael Daley says:

    GM had a major strike that slowed down the manufacture and delivery of new cars in 1957.
    I ordered a new 1957Chevrolet in December of 1956 and never took delivery until late Feb or early March 1957.
    It was a piece of junk ( a real strike car) front end and transmission problems. Neither of which that GM or the dealer would address. I got rid of the car with less than 6000 miles and bought my first Vette a 1956
    loaded with everything. Since then I owned a 1978 coupe and now have a 1988 convertible. The Corvette is the only GM car that I will own.

  4. How about the iconic 65 Malibu??

    • The first one was in 1964, the SS was available with a HP 327 and Muncie 4 speed although you could get a 396 BB in ’65

  5. Our family has owned countless chevys over the decades from 50’s bel airs, nova, impala, corvair, chevelle ragtop, camaro, kingswood wagon, caprice, citation, caprice estate, celebrity, Monte Carlo and corvette. Innovative, stylish and reliable, there was always a model that aligned with our transportation needs.

  6. Wynemac woodcock says:

    In 1967 I purchased a 1961 corvette from a local business owner in need of financing for an addition to his business. My intention was to drive the vette to work daily with the thought the Fiberglas body would last longer than my 55 or 58 Chevys did due to the winter saltings they received. After 34 years of continuous driving amounting to over 964000 miles the Vette and I both took a well deserved retirement. I have completely rebuilt and am still driving the corvette at 72 years young just not quite as much.

  7. Having travled all over the world, and the one car that everyone knows is the 63-67 Corvette’s. When the subject of cars mentioned I can pull out a picture of my 67 Vette and the other person knows it as a Corvette, might no know what year or CI but knows it’s a Chevrolet Corvette. Mine is a 427 with factory tri carbs, has no power accesories, and is still in it’s original factory paint. With less than 51,000 miles it still runs like new. These were the days of pure brute HP, torque that would spin tires forever, and the look of a auto like no other, then or now.

  8. Been a Chevy guy all my life,1st one was a 1955,then a 1967 Camaro SS convertible,a few trucks and the only one now is a 2003 Corvette 50th Anniversary.Worked for Chevorlet inservice down in Georgia for 11 years and love me sum Chevys!

  9. Wilbur JAY Cook says:

    I bought a new 1964 corvette when I got out of my first enlistment in the USAF. I paid $4,500 for that corvette. It had few extras. A removable hard top & AM/FM radio. I drove it for a year. I got married and bought a 1966 chevy Caprice. Loved that car. Then a well used 1965 corvette. Next a 1962 corvette. I restored it and had to sell it for college money for my son. Then along came Katrina. I lost my little collection of cars. A restored 1921 model T , a 1926 Model T stock un -restored . A 1962 BMW motorcycle I bought from a collector. It had 19,000 miles on it. A 1972 Rickman with a triumph 650 engine. 3 generations of tools and books along with my house and all my belongings except for my 2002 Tahoe which I still drive. It only has 72,000 mile on it today. I got a check from Haggerty insurance for $44,000 and I told my wife that was for my next car. I searched for a good deal and found it at KERBECK. A bought a 2007 Z51 3LT coupe. Still have it with only 13,560 miles. I have about a dozen trophies from car shows.

  10. James A. Hering says:

    You forgot the 1969 Camaro – the styling that inspired the total relaunch of the 5th generation!

  11. How about all the light weight fast Chevrolets produced in the 60’s Chevelle Malibu came out in 1964 a compact full frame car at 3000 lbs. as a 327 HP SS it was fast, even more so in 1965 when the Big Block 396 was available, it was a real street sweeper the engine was rated at 425HP in the Corvette (about the same weight) 375HP in the Malibu SS (rated at a lower RPM) add some headers and the right gears, with slicks, and high 10 second quarter miles were very do able

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