Two Websites You Need To Know About

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Two Websites You Need To Know About

I’d like to let you in on something. There are two websites you need to know about. You will find this information very useful. It concerns a couple of lesser-known websites that you should be aware of. One will let you know your car’s value, the other will let you know what your ride’s correct paint hue should be.

First, let’s talk about your classic’s value. Here at Eckler’s, we often get asked, “What’s my 19__ Chevy ________ worth?” If course, our typical response goes something like, “Well, it all depends on the car’s condition, etc.” Of course, there are many factors that can come into play when determining a car’s value. The folks at Hagerty Insurance have a great website that lets you plug in your vehicle’s vital stats, and it will spit out the value, based on 4 different levels of condition. Great information not only to give you bragging rights at the shows, but it’ll give you a realistic idea of what the car is worth if you’re thinking about selling it. It’s a good shopping tool, too. In the market for that certain classic Chevrolet? Get an idea of what you can expect to pay.

First website you need to know about:

Drop down menus will guide you through the process…

Hagerty values 
Colored graph will show you your car’s value, based on its condition, since 2006. You can even get an idea of projected growth.

Second website you need to know about:

Our other “need to know” website is brought to you by TCP Global. Enter in your browser. The homepage will give you a choice of different era automobiles. Modern (1978-present), Classic (1950-1977), World War II (1930-1949) or World War I (1900-1929).

This website is full of scans from the original paint chips or swatches from the actual paint manufacturers. The original factory color codes are included as well. Excellent information if you’re looking to get your restoration as authentic as possible.

Drop down menus let you select your car’s era and make.

Actual original paint chips are displayed, showing what was available for your specific year and model. Factory codes, too!


  1. Richard Dickerson says:

    Thank you for one of the best articles I have read on the merits of collector insurance. Having several collector cars myself I can completely agree with your scenerio of losing your classic car at a show (happened t a friend last year)! Also how critical it is to a have collector insurance for piece of mind should a loss occurr.

    Thank you again.

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